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Build With Hussain

Learn to build world class web apps

Personal Computer

I use the Apple MacBook Pro 16” (32GB RAM, M1 Pro) as my daily driver. All the streaming, editing, and coding is done on this beast.

Keyboard: Logitech K380 Wireless

Mouse: Logitech Pebble Wireless Mouse


  1. Raycast: Replaced my MacOS spotlight with this super powerful command palette. This is also where the confetti (🎉) comes from! I have assigned a keyboard shortcut to the confetti animation.

    Confetti Option in Raycast

  2. VS Code: Code Editor of Choice. Always. The magical autocomplete you see on the streams is GitHub Copilot.

  3. Cleanshot X: For everything related to screenshots! This app is worth every penny. You can add cool backgrounds, annotate, and more. Here is screenshot I posted on SM which was taken using Cleanshot X:

    Build With Hussain Frappe Insights Dashboard Screenshot

  4. Open Broadcast Studio (OBS): for live streaming. It is nicely integrated with YouTube so you could just connect you account and start streaming an scheduled stream. You can even schedule a stream and access the live chat from right inside OBS!

    I have setup scenes for a lot of scenarios like screen share with guest, talking Hussain etc. and I just have to click to switch to a scenes (basically a setup of audio and video sources):

    Summary of my OBS setup

    OBS interface is fairly simple and does not need much learning.

  5. vdo.ninja: Used to stream guest and guest screen, makes it a breeze!

  6. Arc Browser: Everything through the command bar! My most used keyboard shortcut is CMD + T to open the command bar!

  7. DaVinci Resolve (FREE) for all the motion graphics (intro video) and video editing needs.

  8. Screen Studio: For those sleek demo videos with automatic zoom/pan and mouse following!

  9. Figma: For all the design needs including thumbnails, product design and more.

Streaming Hardware

  1. Sony Digital Vlog Camera ZV 1

  2. Blue Yeti Microphone directly plugged into my MacBook with Tonor Microphone Arm Stand

  3. Wacom Intuos CTL-6100/K0-CX for that doodling and diagraming!

  4. This Green Screen, so you don’t see what’s happening on my background 😉

  5. GiftMax® Photography LED Video Soft Light Panel for lighting.