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Frappe Developer Roadmap

Build your way to become a kick-ass Frappe Developer.

Who is a Frappe Developer?

In my terms, a good Frappe Developer is a good Web Developer who has knowledge of, and works with Frappe Framework.

1. Start / Programming

Even if you have taken some kind of introduction to programming course or material, I highly recommend CS50’s Introduction to Computer Science!

Professor David is just awesome! The main takeaway from this course is not knowledge of a particular programming language or stack, but computational thinking and problem solving.

2. Web Development

This is the first course that I took on Web Development:

Colt is an inspiration. In this course, you will work with NodeJS, but the principles learnt are applicable to any modern tech stack for building web apps.


By the end of this course, you will have build your first full-stack CRUD web app!

4. Web Development with Python

After you have some practice building simple CRUD web apps, you can delve more into Python and using Python to build web applications.


  1. Flask/FastAPI + Postgres Project

    I would personally suggest to build an app using Flask/FastAPI and Postgres from start to end! This app should also have authentication.

  2. Django + MariaDB + Redis

    Working with Django will give you a taste of Framework. Delve a bit into Django’s ORM, templating system and MVC architecture. Also, connect Redis for simple caching.

3. Frappe Framework

You can start by completing the App Development with Frappe Framework Course on Frappe School.

Then build!

Hand-Picked Resources

This section contains hand-picked resources from a variety of topics related to the stack used by Frappe Framework.


  1. Good resource for getting started for the impatient: https://linuxjourney.com (suggested by Rutwik)




  1. Python object model and some intermediate topics

  2. Collections module

  3. Descriptors

  4. Python data model

  5. Execution model

  6. How the import system works

    1. Official Docs
    2. Real Python


  1. Python Garbage collector design

  2. Memory management in Python

  3. Global Interpreter Lock

    1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Obt-vMVdM8s
    2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6g79qGQo2-Q
    3. https://realpython.com/python-gil/
  4. Concurrency from ground up

  5. Time complexity of various python operations

  6. Mighty python dictionary

  7. Build your own async


  1. MySQL for developers

  2. Practice writing SQL queries

  3. Everything you need to know about indexing

  4. How to read explain output


  1. CMU Intro to Database Systems. It’s not very theoretical, goes in depth on real life database implementations.

Clean Code

  1. Clean Code Lectures by Uncle Bob. Gold material with some really good lessons!

Resource Credits

Majority of links in the resource section were shared by Ankush Menat on our internal company forum, I just grouped them.