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BWH turns One.

Quick thoughts on the new beginnings and what's ahead for BWH!

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Today is a very special day for 2 reasons:

  1. I created the BWH YouTube channel on this very day last year!
  2. The channel crossed 3,000 subscribers!

Screenshot of BWH Channel Page

No doubt BWH has become a brand of its own. The response has been overwhelming and I am thankful to the community for so much love and support that the concept has recieved!

Some Stats

  • 109 Uploads
  • >1M Watch Hours
  • ~1.5L Views
  • >3K Subscribers

Platform Updates

Special Thanks

Thanks to everyone in my team at Frappe, the Frappeverse community and BWH audience. Special thanks to the guests who have joined me live in the past year and I appreciate their spirit to share knowledge and #BuildInPublic:

  • Alan (Frappe)
  • Faris (Frappe)
  • Nikhil (The Commit Company)
  • Ankush (Frappe)
  • Mayank (Frappe)
  • Saqib (Frappe)
  • Safwan (Tridz)
  • Rohit (Frappe)
  • Maharshi(Frappe)
  • Aditya (Frappe)
  • Jannat (Frappe)
  • Shivam (Chatwoot)
  • Rucha (Frappe)
  • Anoop (Bruno)
  • Akash (Razorpay)
  • Dharmesh (Frappe)
  • Umair (Frappe)
  • Suraj (Frappe)
  • Harminder (AdonisJS)
  • Kailash (Zerodha)
  • Shariq (Frappe)

Up Next

This is just the beginning! I want to continue the momentum of live streams and experiment more. Generic web development content and Hindi language content are at the top of my list. Plus, I will try to pursue any interesting ideas that come along the way! Looking forward to your continued support and feedback!

Love you 3000! 🫢🏼

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